Welcome from TBAKARC, but call me Gurglin

Let me introduce myself. I am TBAKARC (The Blogger Also Known As RomaCogitans), but I think it is easier to call me Gurglin. After one year and a half publishing articles on my other blog I decided to start this new project, from one side to broaden my audience to non-Italian speakers willing to visit Italy or simply curious about this peculiar State, but also because the RomaCogitans experience has been quite frustrating, and all considered a failure. The goal of that blog was trying to wake up the civil consciousness of a derelict city and possibly of some people in Italy. The political situation of this country (possibly the worst ever) can offer you a vivid idea of my actual negative and pessimistic state of mind.

I also tried to form a network of bloggers, because I thought tying together different people with similar ideas and ideals would have been a powerful instrument for waking up an awareness of the moral and social degradation of Rome and Italy. But sadly enough this Network of bloggers was (is) useless, because members’ duties are limited to putting a nice tag (not even by everybody) on each blog, while it was conceived as a project aimed at evolving into a synergistic place of local information and independent discussion that focussed on Rome. In short, apart from the obvious freedom of thought and expression, that “Network” seems to have stranded on particularism, and the whole project is not able to offer more than a googlereader (one thing I managed to impose) where a number of non congruent thoughts are published.

This Blog has a different purpose, probably because it starts from a different need, clearly focussed on foreign people: whenever I spoke about Italy with foreigners I always got a very futile and prejudicial (not to say wrong) description of what Italy and the Italian situation might be. And also when my interlocutor was a well educated and intelligent person the picture he/she had was deeply wrong, possibly because their prejudices were fed by inadequate media and incompetent as well as silly journalists.

Of course I will not talk just about Italy, but with some serious comments and some other weird articles my main goal will be offering you, non Italian person, the perspective I have of Italy, being myself Italian but with a long experience abroad. I think I am aware of the misinterpretations and wrong ideas that people might get from this confused and confusing Boot laying in the middle of the once called Mare Nostrum, and want to help foreigners in understanding a Country that in reality has a strong internal coherency, which is most of the times out of grasp for non-Italians.

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