Posted by: gurglin | October 8, 2013

The German way of distorting reality

Languages are amazing tools, and are one of the most evident expressions of the culture of a population. They have rules, and norms, and tend to reduce reality to their standards. And also to distort reality. That is the case of names given by Germans to Italian football teams.


Many years ago a German guy asked me what was my football team, and I replied that it was Roma (the Italian name for Rome). Then he asked me “which one, AS or Lazio?” I fell out of the blue and replied “what do you mean? There is one and only football team called Roma, and that is my football team!”

That was a beautiful example of two people talking about the very same thing, and something quite trivial, but according to two different linguistic criteria, or even benchmarks.

As you can spot reading provided current league table (where Roma is first! Daje Roma, daje!) Germans write the name of the team and couple it with the name of the city where those are originated. With my team it would be Roma Rom (same story for Milan, Napoli, Fiorentina, etc.), which is terribly stupid. And what did they invent? Something even less appropriate! They just cancelled the real name of the team and used the prefix AS (Associazione Sportiva, Sport Club in English, Sportverein in German) like it was the real name. They distorted reality, but their rules and conventions were safe!

Oh, those Germans (quoted from Boney M)


PS: The proper table should in reality be:

The real name

(the one used in Italy and abroad)

…or, if you really see the necessity of writing the juridical name and the originating city too (which is fine in a stock exchange market, less when dealing about sport)…

1) Roma 1) AS Roma SpA (Rom)
2) Napoli 2) SSC Napoli (Neapel)
3) Juventus 3) FC Juventus SpA (Turin)
4) Inter 4) FC Internazionale SpA (Mailand)

SpA means “società per azioni”, it stays for Ltd, and therefore means “Public Limited Company”


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