Posted by: gurglin | October 4, 2012

Infrastructure building process in Italy

When considering the amounts of public money spent in Italy in infrastructures, I would suggest to split the verb “spent” into “invested” and “wasted”. Sadly enough I do not have data, but I assume no more than 20% of spent public money goes to the actual realisation of projects for its REAL cost, while the rest is dispersed in:

1) the production of tonnes of useless (but expensive) projects, which only purpose is to support politicians in their electoral campaigns;

2) money for the so called consultants and experts, people who hardly know anything about the matter they should advise on, but get loads of money;

3) final construction costs multiplied by ten respect to the original estimated costs;

4) and, last but not least, of course corruption and bribery!

Moreover, we do not dare to forget the FAKE construction of infrastructures. Take for instance the Strait of Messina Bridge or the fourth (“D”) metro line in Rome. After the public notice and the call, it is ALWAYS the very same construction companies that win the bid. All of them (both the public part and the entrepreneurial side) already know the construction of the given infrastructure will never start, but they sign contracts with huge penalty clauses… Construction companies just have to wait a few years without doing nothing and then, when the political “colour” of the counterpart changes (be at local or at national level) they can sue the public side (be the State or a local administration), and put in their pockets billions of euros with almost no expense.

All this has to do with crony capitalism (which is a fake liberism), sadly enough the only ever existed in Italy, and the cultural & factual replacement of economy (investment and development) with finance (speculation and erosion). As to say, let masonry, criminal organisations and banks (if we still manage to distinguish among them) rule the world!

Just to give you an example of the confusion between economy and finance, consider in Italy financial raiders are labelled as “entrepreneurs”…


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