Posted by: gurglin | May 3, 2011

The tragedy of the Commons

What are the commons? They are resources collectively owned or shared between or among populations. These resources are said to be “held in common” and can include everything from natural resources and common land to software. A public space is a specific common, a social space that is open and accessible to all.

In Italy things are different. Roms and homeless people coming from abroad (mainly eastern countries) have invaded the territory and transformed public spaces in their place. Several areas (most parks and gardens) were “conquered” by those people, who turned those places into their “houses”, forcing local administrations to declare them off limits for Italians. As a consequence, Italian people cannot access those spaces any more.

Moreover, hundred of thousands of Rumanian and Nigerian prostitutes as well as South American transvestites invaded the streets (check Rome streets on Google Earth!), day and night, everywhere… most of them reduced to slavery by foreign criminals/pimps.

In Italy there is a tragedy within the tragedy of the commons…


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