Posted by: gurglin | April 24, 2011

No vote rights for foreigners

In Italy the question of giving foreigners the suffrage in political and administrative elections has been raised by politicians a few times. Media – always brainwashing the population – want to convince people there are some ethical reasons for either decisions. In reality, the real question lies on the possible advantages for the different political parties, and how weather to support the introduction of this innovation or to preserve this right just to Italian citizens might be useful for their propaganda.

Political franchise in Italy has a major role: the exchanges “vote-for-money” and “vote-for-job”. Having the right to vote means citizens can sell their vote (I think in the south of Italy and abroad it costs around 500 Euros each… ask Dell’Utri, he knows more) to political parties, while ensuring to a given party a lifetime commitment (voting the same party) is the only way for getting a job in the civil service… quid pro quo is the “ethics” behind this labour market, pillar of many Italian facts.

Would these thousands of unskilled and almost not alphabetized Italian people accept to jeopardize their right of getting a lifetime wage without working (this is what they do at “work”) by some newcomers? We do not dare to forget foreigners do those types of works Italians do not do any more simply because unskilled and unprofessional Italians have the privilege of getting a wage without working, hired as civil servants… Once a Moroccan, a Chinese or a Rumanian like any other Italian citizen had the powerful franchise tool in his hands, why would he not take advantage of the “right” of getting a decent job (it actually means “wage”) just accepting the “court” paid by political parties interested in buying his/her vote? Considering that even a dead corpse would be fit enough for working in the public administration, what would prevent also people who do not speak Italian from getting a job where you do not have to work?


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