Posted by: gurglin | April 12, 2011

Berlusconi and the article 41

Silvio I, emperor of Italy, is not an absolute monarch. Actually, he is no more than a hub of lobbies, the representative of more or less legal interests of a variety of powerful actors, ranging from the federation of entrepreneurs (most of them regularly break the laws and are involved in illegal activities) to the groups of organised crime (Camorra, Mafia, ‘Ndrangheda, etc).

Those “privileged actors” decided they need more freedom, and one way to get rid of the control of Institutions is to modify the Italian Constitution.

The economic part they do not like is the article number 41, which says:
Private economic enterprise is free.

It may not be carried out against the common good or in a way that may harm public security, liberty, or human dignity.

The law determines appropriate planning and controls so that public and private
economic activities may be directed and coordinated towards social ends.

I think those words are way too civilized for a third world country like Italy! Berlusconi and his friends seem agreeing with me, because he said it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to change it, so that any economic activity would be allowed, if not against the law… And obviously Berlusconi will also keep on changing the laws for making dirty business easier…


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