Posted by: gurglin | February 4, 2009

Nomads on Porsche

One leitmotiv about Roma and Sinti is that they are nomadic populations who travel around Europe in appalling conditions, live in slums and are extremely poor. Moreover, they have been always seen as a danger for local people who claim they are robbers, thieves, and some metropolitan legends (sadly confirmed by some recent judiciary cases) say they steal or buy babies and force them to slavery for “working” as beggars.

In reality the legend is that nomads DO move from place to place, because, funnily enough they are sedentary… but when they “move”, hey!, they do it with class! With a Porsche!

The story is in the Nomad Camp of Tor de’ Cenci (Rome) on Monday February 1 the police found cocaine and heroin, some grams of mannitol – substance used for “cutting” drugs – six 7.65 calibre intact bullets, tons of copper (probably stolen) and nine cars without insurance, including a “Porsche Carrera”.


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