Posted by: gurglin | November 13, 2008

Barack Obama won the US elections: hopes and prejudices

There are lot of speculations about the recent election of Barack Obama as next President of the United States. First of all the is a huge prejudice: the fact he is the first non WASP (and I stress the “W” much more than the “P”) president does not mean he is gonna be a revolutionary politician, nor a good president.

Anyway, the election of a person who had an African father (completely absent in Obama’s life, though) and lived in Jakarta (but only until 10) might offer us some hopes that the new US president will have a broader vision than his predecessors.

Therefore, tackling the silly idea that a person just for the color of his skin can represent THE CHANGE, we do prefer to base our hopes on the personal history of the president elect, being also aware that it was also influenced by the color of his skin.

We hope Obama won’t be a butcher who slaughters nations around for exporting US capitalism or for covering “I did not have sex with that woman” like most of his predecessors…

There is hope Obama will take the US Army at home, for fighting the Ku Klux Klan, pedophiles, Nazis and – possibly – US Banks…

…hope Obama will find a decent agreement with the Vatican for deciding about the ownership of Italy… we cannot keep on worshiping both!!!

… hope Obama would lead the Stars&Stripes berserkers closer to the minimum standards of civilization…

… hope Obama will manage to say “NO” to the multinational US companies that use any way (mainly illicit and immoral, like tanks) for expanding their market

…hope Obama knows what liberalism is, and would not confuse it – like most Americans do – with colonialism.

Thank God, the election of Obama gave us some hopes… and that is the most important thing about his victory.


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