Posted by: gurglin | October 28, 2008

A taste of Rumanian culture

Rome, Oct 28, 2008 (YES! 2008!!!) – A 10 year old child and a baby of just 29 days of Rumanian nationality yesterday night were found by the police in a garbage bin in Prenestino area, east of Rome (Italy).

While the policemen were checking the generalities of a 52 year old man and a girl of 16 who had a suspicious behaviour, they heard some noise coming from the bins, and found the two children lying on garbage bags in a bin full of malodorous rubbish. The man said he was the father of the child, while the infant belongs to the young girl. According to the reconstruction made by the police, the man was also the pimp of the girl, who had a box full of condoms with her. They possibly left the children in the bin full of rubbish for protecting them from the rain while she and her father-pimp were looking for customers. The police proceed only against the man for mistreatment of children, including the mistreatment towards the daughter-prostitute, who is still a minor. The baby was transported to the Sandro Pertini hospital where doctors found he was underfed.

What a lovely family! Lots of them imported to Italy in the last months!


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