Posted by: gurglin | October 15, 2008

Italian racism or an invasion of criminals?

Around 75% of people arrested in Rome for having committed crimes are Rumanian criminals. On a daily basis most of the crimes in Italy are committed by criminals of Rumanian nationality, and for sure at least once a week somebody is sent to hospital (or cemetery) for being attacked, severely injured or even killed by a Rumanian.

Are all Rumanians killers and criminals? Of course not! Rumanians, Chineses, Pakistanis, Moroccans (you name it, there is no difference for most of us: nationality, religion, gender, ethnicity do not matter) who are here for working and do respect laws are obviously welcomed. But we are fed up with all the criminals (a lot of them arrived from Romania) who keep on killing and harassing in here.

It is sad and racist to label somebody just for belonging to a country, but it is undoubted that even if we abandon the statistics and we refer to the most violent criminal situations here, sadly the answer is always the same, because most of the times the involved criminals are Rumanians. In the city of Rome only – just during the last months – a girl was killed in the underground by a Rumanian prostitute who used an umbrella like a sword and stung it into the eye (and the brain) of the poor victim, just for silly reasons; a man was savagely beaten to death while he was cycling just for stealing his mobile phone; there were some shootings close to my house (a very decent, tranquil middle-class area) for a war between Rumanian bands; a woman was raped and brutally killed just for stealing her pursue; some Dutch tourists were hardly beaten and sent to hospital with severe fractures all over the body just for stealing their stuff, etc… What we though they were just nightmares or scenes from hollywood scary movies risk to become daily routine here…

Also a left wing newspaper like Repubblica hosted a discussion on the unbearable problems that this invasion in causing. Even the leader of the national left wing party pushed the former national left wing government for tackling this invasion of criminals (I said criminals, not Rumanians) coming from a country (Romania) where magically criminality dropped of 60% in the last year…

Life is really difficult here at the moment, and fear pervades the whole country. We live with the terror of being robbed or physical attacked any second. So I am sure people abroad can understand why we cannot stand people who arrogantly call Italians racist without having a clue about what we are living in here at the moment.


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