Posted by: gurglin | October 9, 2008

Values and skirmishes in Calabria

This happened already four years ago, but it was surprising to discover not just in Iraq but in Calabria as well people get killed by bazooka shots… In the southern west edge of the Italian Boot… “Europe”… better… “European Union”, you know…

At least three rockets were fired on Saturday evening October 3 2004 with a bazooka in an ambush by a commando armed with Kalashnikovs and bazooka, in which Carmine Arena – 45 year-old boss of the ‘ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia – was killed. He was returning home on board of an armored Lancia Thema when he was reached by the rockets and dozens of Kalashnikov shots.

The following day in Strongoli (Crotone) – authorized by the referee and the football association – spectators observed one minute of silence before the football match Strongoli – Isola Capo Rizzuto, to honor the memory of Carmine Arena.


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