Posted by: gurglin | June 30, 2008

Music is a Religion

Music is a Religion, no doubt about it. As in any religion Music has its “Sacred Scriptures”: on its “chosen mankind” The All Music Guide has the same value and impact then some texts used in other religions, even if in this case we do not talk about a collection of ancient writings characterized by highly fanciful or supernatural elements.

The comparison is fair and not too outrageous and disrespectful towards AllMusicGuide because in all considered cases we refer to books with descriptions of the gestures of Heroes and Prophets, like in the Epic Poems or minor Fantasy Books known as the Bible and Koran.

On the other hand Rate Your Music can be easily considered as important for music as Catechism is for the Catholic Church, but in a more decent and democratic way, because it is a bottom-up movement that witnesses, foments and spreads around the holy happiness that Music brings to anybody.

The main difference between the mentioned confessions (monotheistic religions on one side and Music on the other) is based on the fact that Music is closer to Asian religions, where god is seen much more like a vital stream of energy rather than some old man with beard. Moreover in Music people do not necessarily have to worship bands and singers (comparable to Prophets and Apostles), but indeed do silly things as well like celebrations, commemorations and have rites and liturgies, which they accomplish in different types of temples (Stadiums, Concert Halls, Arenas, etc.).

The question can now be: what about the altar? Do I need one for praying at home? Yes, and you are free to chose the one you prefer, but I recommend you to get rid of shit I-Tunes and Micro$oft WMP and install VLC media player and/or MediaCoder. While the first is a versatile Audio-Video player, the latter is also a free universal batch media transcoder, which nicely integrates most popular audio/video codecs and tools into an all-in-one solution. MediaCoder intends to be the swiss army knife for media transcoding: it converts to and from many audio and video compression formats and re-multiplex into various container formats in batches, can also extract audio tracks from video files and has simplified UI for popular mobile devices (e.g. PSP, iPod)

Long life to Music, eternal beat of our hearts, irreplaceable rhythm of our fleshes.


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