Posted by: gurglin | June 26, 2008

Pizza & Beer (NO wine, please!)

Apart from having a cappuccino after lunch, I consider drinking wine while having a pizza the most atrocious culinary “wanna-be-Italian” thing ever, son of a simplified prejudice that tends to combine two Italian ways of eating and drinking, possibly just because they are … Italian…

Anyway, in Italy we NEVER drink wine with a pizza, but we choose a beer for any specific kind of pizza.

Generally speaking we have Lager and Pils

Lager and Export – Dishes light and fresh vegetables and fish as white steam cooked or grilled, appetizers white meat, terrines and little seasoned meats, cheeses, pasta with light seasonings with tomato pizza (with the latter ideals in Vienna Altbier)

Pils – In addition to serving as excellent aperitif, you can certainly match it with classic appetizers, main courses, pizza, meats and soft cheese, fried read and dishes of fish and meat Non-binding

More specifically, depending on the pizza you need a specific beer. I speak especially to gourmets, those who go in search of good flavors, aromas of those which today thanks to the different styles of pizza chefs, passion, research, can offer on the table real emotions in taste. To enjoy a dish in all its taste it is necessary that all products which are contoured come to the main course, which is why in this section beer you give some advice and some information on combinations which we believe best for exaltation of a complete product.

First of all, beer should never be served iced, but that also has an ideal temperature to be respected ranging from 5 degrees for five beers low alcohol content such as lager or weisse, up to 14 degrees a beer to another alcoholic.

With pizza margherita the best beer is a LAGER slightly hopped, a light beer, produced simple low fermentation and that no releases strong flavors, and then capable of maintaining the balance of taste of what is the pizza par excellence.

With pizzas rich in strong flavours such as anchovies and spices, such as oregano in Romana, the best beer is certainly the WEISSE, a German wheat beer, high fermentation, flavor and slightly amarignolo an alcohol content of 5.5%. A refreshing and thirst-quenching beer that goes well with those ingredients that make thirst.

For a pizza we need a beautiful amber beer, a STRONG ALE, double-malt beer widespread in Belgium and England, with a good aroma and alcohol content around 6-6,5%. But perhaps even better and with a beer D’ABBEY produced with the old method, high fermentation and the recipes of ancient monasteries, a beer bodied and well structured that may vary from 6.5 to 9 degrees alcohol.

The beer that goes well in good seafood dishes always belongs to the family of LAGER, which is the largest family of beers, why choose a well-hopped LAGER with flavor and dry and with a decided alcohol content no more than 5 degrees

Pizza with the sausage is a focaccia that wants a beer but not too strong, any DOUBLE MALT better if Ambers we should meet.

A pizza with vegetables can certainly be accompanied by an ALE British beer produced high fermentation but with moderate alcohol content and little foam, more specifically I recommend a REAL ALE, which is also the most appreciated, because still produced with ancient methods.

With funghi porcini I recommend a beer DOUBLE MALT AMBRATA, Belgian, with a good and strong malt flavor and an alcohol content between 9-10 degrees, feel that tasty combination.

This pizza is presented and the winner proclaimed 3 ° championship pizza typical regional 2008, I combined with a special beer excelled, a DOUBLE MALT AMBRATA, PRODUCED WITH THE OLD METHOD TRAPPISTE, which has a second fermentation in the bottle and OF ALCOHOLIC a 8.5% alc. On vol. Such are the top beers for tasting and should be served at a temperature between 6 and 10 degrees.


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