Posted by: gurglin | June 22, 2008

Foreign words (mis)used in Italian

Par Condicio = Latin expression used by politicians whenever somebody is abusing or profiting (most of the times illicitly) of a specific situation but a second party wants to take advantage of the circumstances, and claims its part. It became famous for political reason, but now it is used in any condition, and people also say “I want some white brad and, for “par condicio”, some brown bread as well”. Silly bastards!

Privacy = here in Italy we use this word in many different situations (possibly because most of the people does not understand its meaning) dealing with not public life, Ig: “hey, do not call me at work at 2 pm anymore, I was taking a nap! You invade my privacy!”. We pronounce it in the non-English way: “prai-va-si”. If you say “pree-va-si” we do not understand.

Stage = Yes… well, no. Ok… Wait a sec! This is a bit complicated, typical Italian: this one looks like an English word, and Italians pronounce it in the English way, but in reality this is the French way for meaning “working experience”, hence mispronounced by Italians who believe using an English word! If you meet somebody using that word, do not correct him/her and pretend everything is fine: correcting him/her you risk to dismount a whole castle of cards.


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